10 Grocery Store Etiquette Rules

Cry Over Spilled Wine
Dropping one of those bottles will be enough to snap her out of that wine-related reverie. XiXinXing/iStock/Thinkstock

We've all done it. After all, the aisles are narrow, and the carts are large. Making an abrupt U-turn because you just remembered to pick up that really effective cat litter in aisle three, your coat grazes a high-end zinfandel on display, and suddenly there's precious red fluid pooling around shattered glass on the floor. Looking around, you see that you're temporarily alone, and if you move fast enough you might be able to clear out before anybody notices. You scan for security cameras while calculating whether some overeager manager might be willing to examine hours of footage to find that jerk who left the scene of a wine spill, when a clerk materializes.

Do you: A.) Try to pretend it wasn't you while strolling away and shaking your head with disapproval; B.) Ask for a mop and offer to pay; or C.) Rant that the display was asking to be knocked over and that you're a victim of circumstance. (Hint: the answer is neither A nor C.)