Toilet Paper/Newspaper Wedding Gown
women wearing wedding dresses made of toilet paper

These models are wearing dresses made entirely of toilet paper! It was part of a design competition in Israel in 2009.

David Silverman/Getty Images

This game is fun for both co-ed and women-only showers and is especially good for creative or artistic guests.

The object of the wedding gown games is to see which team of guests can craft the best wedding gown using toilet paper or newspaper. The hostess can define "best" in a variety of ways: most creative, most attractive, most likely to stay on at least half-way down the aisle, or quickest to remove on the wedding night. Here are the basic rules of the game for each media type:

  • Guests split into teams of three or more.
  • Teams have 5 to 15 minutes to create the dress.
  • When time is up, "brides" model the gowns.
  • Players vote on the best gown.
  • The winning team gets a prize.

The toilet paper wedding gown is the simpler version. Each team gets a few rolls of toilet paper (white, of course), and a "bride" is selected from their group to adorn. Using toilet paper, the teams drape their brides -- over her/his clothing -- with the airy tissue to create all parts of the wedding dress ensemble: gown, veil, train, shoes and bouquet. They can only use the tissue -- no pins or tape allowed. Brides then model their gowns for the party at large, and players vote to select the best ensemble.

In the newspaper version, teams get a stack of newspapers, scissors and pencils to design one part of the gown: bodice, sleeves, skirt, train, veil or shoes. When all pieces are complete, teams tape the various parts onto the bride-to-be over her clothes while she models and poses for photos. The group can vote for the best single part of the ensemble.

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