Traditional Baby Shower Games
Women opening gifts at baby shower

Sure, the presents might be the most important part of a shower -- but even opening gifts can be part of a fun shower game!

Barry Austin/Photodisc/Thinkstock

A new baby is on the way. What better way to celebrate and equip the new mom with essentials than to have a baby shower?

This tradition goes back to ancient times, when the purpose was twofold: Friends, family and neighbors came to pass along baby items their own children had used and no longer needed. Also, since in some cultures new moms were sequestered with their new children for months, the shower was a last chance to treat the soon-to-be mother with a little entertainment.

Today, baby showers still serve the practical purpose of parental preparation, and these events are also great excuses for a party.

So, how should you entertain your guests? With games, of course! Read on to learn how to play 10 traditional baby shower games.