Megan Fox's Marilyn Monroe Tattoo
Did You Know?

Marilyn Monroe died on Aug. 4, 1962, after overdosing of sleeping pills. Her official cause of death was listed as suicide, but many believe she was murdered. Suspects include everyone from mob boss Sam Giancana to President John F. Kennedy.

Both Megan Fox and Marilyn Monroe are undeniably beautiful, but the two together? Not so much, especially when the late diva's face is tattooed on the currently struggling starlet's forearm.

Yes, we get the connection: They're both knockouts who rose from obscurity to achieve superstardom, but while Monroe remains one of Hollywood's most recognizable faces nearly 50 years after her untimely death, Fox's post-"Transformers" work has been less than memorable. It's akin to painting a portrait of a Harley on a moped. Sure, the moped will do a serviceable job and get you where you need to go, but the image of a Harley will only remind everyone how much better the ride would be on a real, classic bike.