10 Real-life Costumed Crime Fighters


Petoskey Batman

Who wouldn’t want to be Batman?  ©Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Who wouldn’t want to be Batman? ©Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Mark Wayne Williams is known for patrolling the streets of Petosky, Mich. every night dressed as Batman, including the mask, cape and utility belt.

Despite his best efforts to keep the streets safe, the Petoskey Batman may be better known for his own run-ins with the law than with those who are breaking it. Williams has been arrested several times, including once after police were dispatched to rescue a man dressed as Batman dangling from the roof of a building. He was arrested when officers found his utility belt stocked with self-defense spray, a baton-style weapon, and other illegal items. He's also been arrested for trespassing. He's been charged with resisting and obstructing an officer and sentenced to probation for six months -- and was forced to hang up his superhero costume during that time.