10 Real-life Costumed Crime Fighters

Menganno pauses to pose for the camera in Buenos Aires in May 2011. ©Maxi Failla/AFP/Getty Images

Menganno means Joe Blow in Spanish, and is the name that Argentine Oscar Lefosse uses when he patrols Buenos Aires as a costumed vigilante, wearing a full-face blue helmet and armor.

Lefosse, a 43-year-old retired police officer, was outed as Menganno in 2013 when he had a run-in with the local authorities after firing his pistol at criminals. He was charged with carrying an unlicensed gun (his license, as it turns out, had expired), but the superhero says he was only returning fire to protect himself and wife as they were fired upon first. And as for the gun, Menganno says he leaves it at home while out fighting crime on the streets.