10 Real-life Costumed Crime Fighters

Superbarrio has been fighting the fight for years. This photo of the caped crusader with politician Cuauhtemoc Cardenas was taken in 1995. ©JORGE UZON/AFP/Getty Images

Marco Rascón Córdova, known also as real-life superhero Superbarrio, is an advocate for tenant rights and for the rights of families in low-income neighborhoods, as well as labor rights for Mexican workers. Superbarrio's costume, like his rhetoric, is attention grabbing: It's based on the masked hero character El Santo (the Saint) seen in old Spanish-language wrestling movies, and includes not only a red mask and leotard and yellow cape, but also a pair of gold shorts.

Once a high school dropout, this caped vigilante has become part of the fabric of Mexico and a symbol of protest in Mexican politics in the last two decades.