Stuff You Should Know About Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein is one of history's most well-known scientists -- but how did he become so famous? Tune in to learn more about Einstein, from his theories to his early life and more.
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On the Science Channel's "100 Greatest Discoveries," learn about Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.
100 Greatest Discoveries: General Relativity
On the Science Channel's "100 Greatest Discoveries," learn about Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity.
Assignment Discovery: Einstein and General Relativity
On Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," Albert Einstein was a revolutionary thinker, and his theory of general relativity brought a new understanding to the concept of gravity.
Assignment Discovery: Einstein's Early Years
Albert Einstein was born in 1879 in southern Germany. Learn more biographical information about Albert Einstein on Discovery channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Assignment Discovery: Geodesic Shape
Explained first by Albert Einstein, a geodesic is the shape in which planets orbit the sun and warp space in time in that path.
Assignment Discovery: Mass Energy Equivalence Formula
On Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," learn about, what is perhaps, Albert Einstein's most startling conclusion, the mass-energy equivalence formula or E=mc squared. It states that energy and mass are linked with the speed of light.
Assignment Discovery: Relativity and Big Bang Theory
On Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," learn how Edwin Hubble's observations coupled with Einstein's theory of relativity have led to the Big Bang theory.
Assignment Discovery: Space Time
The more mass a star or planet has, the more steeply it bends space-time around it. Learn more about space-time on Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery."
Assignment Discovery: Stephen Hawking and Black Holes
On Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," renowned physicist Stephen Hawking attempts to marry quantum theorists and Einstein loyalists to try and show them that both ideas and formulas work.
Auction Kings: Einstein Letter Auction
Paul Brown and the Gallery 63 team try their luck at auctioning off this personalized handwritten letter from Albert Einstein.
Auction Kings: Einstein's Thanks
How many people can say that a major historical figure wrote THEM a thank-you note? Find out whom Albert Einstein thanked and why.
Dark Matters: Einsteins Brain
A mad scientist charged with Einstein's autopsy forms a strange obsession with the organ.
Sci-Fi Saved My Life: String Theory
Quantum mechanics and general relatively spring to life when Stephen Hawking's string theory is demystified in this clip from the Science Channel's "Sci-Fi Saved My Life" series.
Through the Wormhole: The Time Keeper
Einstein's Theory of Relativity says that time travel is perfectly possible. But only if you're going forward. Does time travel currently exist through the use of GPS?