What does it take to set a Guinness World Record?
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Is It Possible: Extreme Unicycling
Kris Holm is the world's most extreme downhill unicyclist. Watch as he rides the rail of a 120ft tall bridge with busy oncoming traffic to his right and certain death to his left.
Is it Possible: Micro-Artist
Is it possible to sculpt art in the eye of a needle? We introduce you to Willard Wigan, an artist and micro-sculptor. He's the creator of the world's smallest and most expensive sculptures.
Mentos Coke Geyser World Record
Watch this video about the Mentos Coke world record on HowStuffWorks. Mentos(R) and the performance artists of Eepybird have made Mentos Geyser history in Cincinnati with a big splash. Eepybird, with the help of 504 Greater Cincinnatians equipped with the
One Step Beyond: World Record Breaker
The concept of mind over matter empowered Ashrita Furman to have his name on 23 world records. Furman's inspiration came from seeing the accomplishments of spiritual leader Sri Chimnoy. Witness their amazing feats on Discovery Channel's "One Step Beyond."
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Coat of Killer Bees
A professional beekeeper takes up the challenge of trying to win the record for most bees on the human body. Will he make it or will the stinging competition be too much to handle?
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Covered in Spiders
An eleven-year-old boy shares a glass coffin with 125 venomous spiders in the hopes of beating the world record. Can he handle the spiders or will the web be too thick?
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Mouthful of Roaches
A sideshow performer tries to beat the record for holding the most live 3 inch long, hissing cockroaches in his mouth. Will he make it or will he be "roached" out?
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Sleeping with Scorpions
A Thai stunt woman shares a bedroom with 5000 scorpions. Will she be able to break her own record and stay with her "difficult" roommates for 33 days?
Weird, True & Freaky, Season 2: Viper Bath
Professional snake handler Jackie sits in a bathtub full of rattlesnakes trying to beat his own record while trying to survive potential attacks from these venomous creatures.