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How Criminal Recycling Works

Criminal recycling centers on a growing group of lawbreakers who steal recyclables and exchange them for cash. Learn how criminal recycling works.

How Many Cities Have a Ban on Plastic Bags?

It's probably more than you think. Learn more about how many cities have a ban on plastic bags.

What is a hippie?

What is a hippie and how have they influenced our culture. Learn all about hippies in this article from HowStuffWorks.

How can a corpse be incorruptible?

Incorruptible bodies -- corpses that don't decay -- are a scientific mystery. Read why incorruptible bodies are hard to explain and where to find them.

Why do people make New Year's resolutions?

Why do people make New Year's resolutions? Find out where this tradition came from and why people continue to make New Year's resolutions.

Is it rude to ask who someone voted for?

You may be curious about your friend's politics, but watch how much you pry. Learn if it's rude to ask someone who they voted for at HowStuffWorks.

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