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How can someone tamper with an electronic voting machine?

Vote tampering is kept to a minimum thanks to the new electronic voting machines that are used around the country. Learn about vote tampering.

How E-voting Works

E-voting lets votes be cast and tabulated electronically. Learn about e-voting systems, e-voting concerns like voter fraud and voting over the internet.

Why do people vote?

Why do people vote? Find out what motivates people to vote in elections.

How Ranked-choice Voting Works

Supporters of ranked-choice voting say it would elect more centrist candidates, but critics worry about the downsides. Learn more at HowStuffWorks.

Do men and women vote differently?

Do men and women vote differently? Find out whether gender plays a role in politics to cause men and women to vote differently.

Businesses Offering Voting Discounts Are Technically Breaking Federal Law

Federal law prohibits offering anything of value for voting. Learn more about voting laws in this HowStuffWorks Now article.

Why We Vote on a Tuesday, and Why Weekend Elections Might Make More Sense

Why is Election Day on a Tuesday in America? Read about voting on the weekend or making Election Day a holiday in this HowStuffWorks Now article.

10 Reasons Why Voting Systems Are Not Created Equal

Voting systems contain human error, hanging chads and hackable software. Learn about a variety of voting technologies and why some voting systems are not equal.

Online Voting: It Could Be Easier, But Is It Better?

If we can do so many different things online, why can't we vote. HowStuffWorks Now explores online voting.

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