What is a hippie?

Peace, love, happiness and hippies. Until recently, talking about the green movement almost always conjured up ideas of long-haired, granola-eating, peace sign-wearing people. That's not the case of SuChin, Daniel and the correspondents on G Word, so what gives? Are G Word cast members hippies in disguise, and what is a hippie, anyway?

In the 1960s, a group of laid-back young people called beatniks and hipsters migrated to San Francisco, creating their own community of individuals who disliked weapons, war, violence, and the generally conservative values of the era. Many hippies believed that enjoyment of and respect for nature was very important, consciously living natural lifestyles, eating healthy foods, and creating music that reflected these interests.


Today, much of what was considered alternative and "hippie" in the 1960s is popular by all types of people, like granola cereal, rock music, and recycling. However, some people proudly consider their lifestyles natural and alternative enough to still be considered hippies.

Not all hippies are environmentalists, and not all environmentalists are hippies; everyone should consider going green and doing their part to take care of the planet, whether a hippie or a hipster or your own category of cool.