How State Dinners Work


The mansion menu varies depending on the type of meal (lunch vs. dinner) and who the guests are (military honorees, N.C. Business Council, Special Olympics Board of Directors, etc.).

Most dinners include three courses, depending on the group attending, and special consideration is always given to guests who have different dietary needs. Appetizers and light beverages may be served if there is a wait before the dinner seating, and would be followed by the first course (soup, salad, or an appetizer), the second course (the entree), and the final course (dessert). A full, formal dinner for 24 people requires approximately 10 pounds of beef filet and five heads of Romaine lettuce. For dinners in the Ballroom (up to 72 people), the kitchen prepares approximately 30 pounds of beef and 15 heads of Romaine lettuce. Wine may also be offered with each course.

One of the best kept secrets at the mansion is the fresh lemonade. Each week, a case of 115 lemons is squeezed to make the 30 gallons of lemonade for the mansion staff and visitors. In addition, the kitchen staff also prepares 30 gallons of sweet iced tea for the staff and visitors each week. If lemonade or sweet tea will be used for a mansion event, the amount made is doubled.