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How New Religions Take Root

World religions are a mixed bag of beliefs and superstitions. HowStuffWorks looks at how they are formed.

Committed a Super-serious Sin? Head for a Super-confessor!

Some sins are so grave (or rare) that Catholics have to confess to the pope or a bishop β€” except this year. HowStuffWorks looks at super-confessors.

How Reincarnation Works

Reincarnation is the concept that the soul, or some aspect of the soul, is reborn into new lives. Learn about the concept of reincarnation in Eastern religion.

How Megachurches Blurred the Line Between Religion and Riches

Megachurches and prosperity gospel tell parishioners if you pray for it, it will come. HowStuffWorks asks whether it's still religion or it's fraud.

Sikhism Explained: What to Know About This Often-Misunderstood Religion

β€ŒIt's one of the largest religions on Earth but little-known in the West, where its practitioners are often mistaken for Muslims or Hindus. What else should we know about the Sikh faith?

Paganism Is the Oldest, Newest Religion

Originally, 'Pagan' was a putdown for the country folk who continued to worship the old Roman gods rather than embracing Christianity. Today, paganism is having a resurgence.

Catholic vs. Christian: Overlap and Differences in the Religions

All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares; the same goes for the Catholic vs. Christian distinction. All Catholics are Christian, but not all Christians consider themselves Catholic.

Is Jainism the World's Most Peaceful Religion?

Nonviolence is central to the core of Jainism, as everything has a soul – animals, flowers and bacteria, as well as people. How do Jainists practice this in daily life?

Tiny Group of Samaritans Still Practice Their Ancient Religion

The word "Samaritan," might have you thinking of a hospital or the Bible story about the Good Samaritan. But "real" Samaritans still exist in Israel.

What Is a Shaman and Can Anyone Become One?

The practice of shamanism has mystical and spiritual connotations, but it's not tied to any specific religion or creed. So, what exactly is shamanism?

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