Is 7/7/07 a lucky day?

Forget 7/7/07 - It's 8/8/08

Las Vegas and casinos around the world are expected to be flooded with gamblers on July 7, 2007.
Las Vegas and casinos around the world are expected to be flooded with gamblers on July 7, 2007.
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Some astrologers have said that July 7 is not a particularly lucky day because, on that day, the planet Mercury will appear to be moving backwards, which it does three times a year. They say it's a better day for looking backward and reuniting with old friends. Others have said that because the moon will be in the Aries portion of the sky, the day is unlucky (but -- and we did check -- there's no full moon on 7/7/07). And still other astrologers say that those things matter little -- rather, it's the couples' personalities and the choices they make that matter most.

For some, July 7 will be a day of mourning: it's the second anniversary of the terrorist bombings in London.

Some might say that this is all clever marketing, while others contend that the luck is real or that it's simply fun to get into the spirit. Critics of numerology say that 7/7/07 excitement amounts simply to an example of confirmation bias. People will look for patterns wherever they may be found while disregarding contradictory evidence. With a little bit of work, almost anyone's name, birthday, license plate or other personal information can be manipulated to form a desired number or series of numbers. Even so, it's certainly in the best interests of many businesses to take advantage of this phenomenon. And if 7/7/07 seems like it's going to be a huge day, 8/8/08 could be just as big for billions of people.

In Chinese culture, seven is unlucky because of its association with death. But the number eight sounds similar to the Chinese word for "prosperity" and three sounds like "life." Consequently, 8/8/08 signifies lifelong prosperity.

A consultant who advises companies on marketing to Asian consumers told NPR's Marketplace program that every month in 2008, except April, contains a sequence of lucky numbers. Similar to 7/7/07, companies are preparing to market weddings, sales and travel packages to Asian consumers. Even mortgage lenders are offering mortgages with $1,888 in lender fees. With weddings occupying an important place in most Asian cultures, as well as a significant expense, there is a lot of money to be made.

Many Chinese mothers-to-be are expected to try to have children born on 8/8/08, while some women in America will reportedly try to induce labor on 7/7/07. The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics will begin at 8:08 pm on 8/8/08, which, in case you were wondering, is a Friday.

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