How Lobbying Works

Author's Note

It must be a drag to be a lobbyist. What do you say at dinner parties when folks ask what you do for a living? Do you go the "consultant" route? What about "political advocacy?" Or do you just come out and use the "L" word to see how they react? From researching this article, it's clear that most lobbyists are hardworking, ethical people who believe in their work. It's also clear that the nature of the work leaves ample room for the type of wildly unethical behavior that gives lobbyists a reputation that only used car salesmen could envy. In this presidential election season, we see both parties pointing fingers at the "special interest lobbies" that are ruining our country. It's funny how quickly an interest becomes "special" when it's not your interest. The question is, who has the political will to fix a broken system?

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