How Gay Parenting Works

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Anytime I'm assigned to write about a hot-button issue like same-sex parenting, it's a welcome fact-finding mission. Although my podcast, Stuff Mom Never Told You, and its accompanying blog leaves more room for editorializing, remaining neutral is a cornerstone ethic of, and this article on How Gay Parenting Works was no exception for me.

Back in 2010, I interviewed social scientist Judith Stacey who had just published a landmark study comparing same-sex parenting and heterosexual parenting and concluded that gender and sexual orientation didn't make a difference in children's successful developments. Digging deeper into Stacey's research for this article, I found an earlier article she published mildly chastising researchers like herself for not being rigorous enough with examining gay parenting data, because of an underlying desire to dispel homophobia with empirical data. Likewise, as I mention in the introduction to this article, subjective views on homosexuality and gay parenting likely can't be arm wrestled into submission with scholarly publications. My aim, in that case, was to allow the percentages and facts to speak clearly and loudly for themselves.

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