Gary's a Trustworthy Name. Is Yours?

In this video, we bid adieu to the name Gary. You see, the Garys of the world have been in sharp decline over the decades, namely because of the fickle nature of the naming public.

Not to mention the fading memory of Gary Cooper, the man who inspired a generation of parents to name their boys (and girls) after the screen idol.


And this is sad news because, according to a 2014 study by Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, Gary's just the name to inspire trust. 

In the study, English-speaking volunteers read statements from people with either difficult names to pronounce, or easy ones. Then they were asked to judge how truthful the claims were.

The result? Overwhelmingly the easier the name was to pronounce, the more trustworthy the statement appeared. That means Putali Angami has a leg up over Yevgeni Dherzhinsky.

But geography matters. If the same study were conducted in Russia Yevgeni might have the upper hand.  

The second part of the study looked at tough-sounding names and whether that influenced the perception that the person might be dangerous. Yeppers, it did.

And that's just the tip of the naming iceberg. Find out in this video just how suggestible we are.