Funny Questions Kids Ask

Why Do We Scratch Our Heads When We're Thinking?

How did this natural tic become the signal for so many social expressions?

Why Do We Say We're 'In a Pickle'?

Ever found yourself in a pickle and wondered, "Hey, why the heck do we call it a pickle?" Let's see if we can swim through the brine and find out.

Is Stainless Steel Really Impossible to Stain?

Steel, steel everywhere. Much of it is of the "stainless" variety. Is the popular material actually stain-proof?

Why Dogs Love Belly Rubs, Cats Not So Much

The way to a dog's heart is definitely through a belly rub, but just touching a cat's belly will probably get you a back-leg rabbit kick and a painful vise of teeth and claws.

Why Rudeness Is So Contagious

Rudeness is not just a personal annoyance. It can actually affect health and safety. Why is that? And why do we replay a rude interaction over and over in our heads?

What's the Difference Between Restarting and Shutting Down My Computer?

Both shutdown and restart cause your computer screen to go black, but what happens after that? And which one should you use?