Does proper spelling really matter?

Author's Note

As a writer, the question of whether proper spelling really matters is moot. I see a major spelling error in formal writing and my hairs stand on-end. I think unkind thoughts about its author. I shake my head at the state of the world. But not everyone views correct spelling, or grammar, for that matter, as critical, proven by the fact that people really do ask whether spelling should be as important in grade-school curriculums as it has been in the past. This article undoubtedly reads, then, as unbalanced. But here's the thing: I looked and looked for credible, intelligent commentary on the rectitude of spelling's obsolescence, and I found none. Of course, people who write credible, intelligent commentary are, by definition, writers and would most likely fall into the moot camp, so that's what's out there. But know I tried.

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