10 TV Technologies Making Movie Theaters Obsolete


Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View

Even before TiVo changed how we watched live TV content, cable and satellite providers had their own way of offering programming on demand. Video on demand and pay-per-view services allow you to purchase a movie or other piece of content straight through the cable/satellite box's built-in interface, granting you access to an in-home movie rental good for a limited period of time. These purchases are even more convenient than heading to the rental store to pick up a movie, and they aren't limited to the big TV providers. Amazon Video on Demand and Apple TV are two popular choices that offer rental content streamed over a broadband Internet connection.

Sports fans are familiar with the world of pay-per-view -- unlike a video on demand rental, a pay-per-view event is broadcast at a specific time to anyone who paid to view. Boxing, wrestling and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fights are big pay-per-view moneymakers; in 2008 UFC earned $300 million from pay-per-view buys [source: Time].