10 Real-life Crimes That Became Fictional TV Episodes


It's All About Character

David Simon, whose book of real-life reporting inspired the series "Homicide: Life on the Street," later created the HBO series "The Wire." The show is set in Baltimore, Md., and admittedly based on Simon's knowledge of real-life people and events.

One of the most fascinating and popular characters on the show, Omar Little, is a stickup man who makes it a point to only steal from other criminals. Creator David Simon has said that his character was based on several people. One person is Donnie Andrews, a real-life stickup man who went after drug dealers. He was eventually sentenced to life in prison for killing a drug dealer, but after serving 17 years he was released and has apparently gone straight.

Simon has also said that many plot lines in the first season of the show were based on the real-life case of a 1980s drug ring in Baltimore run by Melvin Williams. A producer on the shower, Ed Burns, is the homicide detective who was responsible for putting Williams in jail.