10 Real-life Crimes That Became Fictional TV Episodes


A Family Resemblance

Tony Soprano is most likely based on Michael Taccetta.
Tony Soprano is most likely based on Michael Taccetta.
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The HBO series "The Sopranos" centers around Tony Soprano, who is a fictional mob boss, but many believe the show is generally based on some real-life inspirations.

One such inspiration was probably the DeCavalcante mafia family. Separate from the known "Five Families" of New York, in the 1960s, the DeCavalcantes were discovered by the FBI to be independent and centered in New Jersey. Though looked down upon by the New York families who insultingly called them "farmers," the DeCavalcantes became increasingly powerful.

Though the Sopranos is said to be inspired by an amalgam of different real-life mafia members, the DeCavalcantes themselves believed they the show was based on them. In fact, family members actually were caught once bragging about it when they were being wiretapped.

The character of Tony Soprano himself is probably based partly on Michael Taccetta, who was a part of the Lucchese family and ran the faction in New Jersey. Many have drawn parallels between the two because of their similar struggles and traditional mob-boss values.