Top 10 Protests That Saved TV Shows from Cancellation


Star Trek

"Star Trek: The Original Series" was the first TV program saved by fans. NBC was planning to cancel the science-fiction series after two seasons, but a letter-writing campaign by fans kept the show on the air for an additional season.

In 1968, sci-fi lovers Bjo and John Trimble organized a letter-writing blitz when they heard that one of their favorite shows was facing cancellation, and many fans credit Bjo with saving "Star Trek." She and her husband mailed letters to fellow Trekkies telling them how to write in to NBC to ask them to save the show.

While one more season might not seem like a big win, this set the stage for many subsequent campaigns to keep shows on the air, and the fan outcry was part of what encouraged Paramount Studios to produce the first "Star Trek" movie in 1979.