10 Cult TV Hits That Originally Flopped


'Get a Life'

"Get a Life" was the brainchild of "Late Night With David Letterman" writers Chris Elliot and Adam Resnick. One can picture the two funnymen sequestered over the script, chuckling at the bizarre and darkly surreal scenarios they were creating.

Elliot starred as Chris Peterson, a 30-year-old dimwit who still holds the newspaper delivery job he scored in his youth. Peterson isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. The most mundane, everyday objects baffle him, and his extreme cluelessness often leads to his demise. Thinking an airplane escape hatch is the door to the restroom, Peterson opens it and is sucked out of the plane, suffering one of the twelve physical "deaths" he endures over the course of the show. Peterson's other absurd antics include an attempt to set a world record for having the most amount of stuff piled on him. Peterson's repeated deaths, in addition to his many other darkly hilarious antics, apparently made the executives at Fox squeamish. Rumor has it that the studios felt "Get a Life" was too dark and unsettling for its prime-time audience.

If "Get a Life" put the merriment in morbidity, our next pick shows off the darker side of dark. Meet a guy who sleeps naked in a cardboard box on the next page.