10 Completely Unrealistic TV Relationships


Doug and Carrie, "King of Queens"

Doug Heffernan (Kevin James), the funny and likable but somewhat bumbling deliveryman at the center of "King of Queens," would likely consider himself the luckiest man in America for landing Carrie (Leah Remini), his patient, beautiful wife, who admittedly has some mildly controlling tendencies of her own. Instead, Doug fills the role of clueless husband, obsessed with food and sports, skilled at putting his foot in his mouth, and sure to get caught (or nearly caught) in whatever elaborate scheme he has fabricated to avoid doing something else.

Like the "Seinfeld" crew (represented on "King of Queens" by Jerry Stiller, who plays Carrie's widowed father), Doug and Carrie regularly find themselves in unlikely but entertaining situations in which their earlier actions come full circle to complicate their lives.