10 Common Sayings You're Probably Saying Wrong

Taken for Granite
If you're "taken for granite" that would mean you're mistaken for one of these rocks. Pretty unlikely. moodboard/Thinkstock

Unless you're a geologist or work at a rock quarry, the word you're looking for is "granted." To take something for granted is to assume that you are entitled to it (money, a job, a friend or significant other) without question or to simply fail to appreciate its value [source: Collins Dictionary]. To take something for "granite" can only mean to assume that the person or thing is actually a piece of igneous rock.

Author's Note: 10 Common Sayings You're Probably Saying Wrong

"Hold me closer, Tony Danza." I may commonly confuse, misstate and garble song lyrics, but I'm still not ready to believe that Elton John is saying anything other than that on a little ditty commonly known as "Tiny Dancer." To the extent I'm ever ready to admit that I may have the words wrong -- "hold me closer tiny dancer," some claim it goes -- I hereby call for the lyrics to be permanently changed. I don't know who this tiny dancer fella is, but he certainly hasn't accomplished anything on the level of "Who's the Boss?"

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