How Santa's Sleigh Works

One Cozy Cockpit

We've already talked a little about how Santa stays in touch with his North Pole command center during his trip. His infotainment system with navigation and satellite radio is pretty basic, if not essential. But there are a few more features that help Santa make the most of his trip.

We bet, for example, that the elves have borrowed a trick from mainstream automakers and installed Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration — we won't speculate whether Santa's a Google guy or an Apple aficionado, but his sleigh is probably equipped for either scenario. Santa can use voice recognition to text Mrs. Claus, catch up on his favorite podcasts, or listen to what we're guessing is an epic Christmas playlist.

Anyone who lives in a northern climate will tell you that a massive overcoat, woolly hat, and abundance of facial hair aren't enough to keep you warm on the coldest days ... never mind at night. Throw in an open-air sleigh and some elevation into the mix and you're looking at a pretty uncomfortable ride. Rest assured, the elves have Santa's back. Literally. There's almost no way that Santa hasn't taken advantage of one of the greatest innovations of our time — heated seats and steering wheel. Santa would probably need a custom design to comfortably accommodate his size, but this would be a pretty easy project for the handiest of his elves.

Have you ever seen someone driving a convertible with the top down on a chilly day and wondered what they were thinking? If the car in question was a Mercedes, the driver might have been enjoying the unique Airscarf, a feature that uses special vents to buffet the driver's neck in a warm breeze, keeping chills at bay. Mercedes-Benz has been known to customize vehicles for the pope, so it's not too much of a stretch to think they might lend a hand to Santa, too.

Rest assured, we aren't overlooking the most well-known members of Santa's crew. To learn more about Santa's reindeer and how they manage to fly, head over to the next page.