Top 10 April Fools' Day Pranks

April Fools' Fake-out Prank
The April Fools' fake-out can mess with someone's head.
The April Fools' fake-out can mess with someone's head.

­Some of the best pranks involve nothing more than mind games. No gift-wrapped office furniture or Jell-O-molded staplers necessary. Consider, for example, the April Fools' Day fake-out. This post-modernist prank within a prank is sure to baffle.

You get to your desk on the morning of April 1 to behold a large note sitting on your chair. All it says is "April Fools'!" in large, red scrawl. It's menacing and unsettling. You sit down nervously and look around your desk, but nothing's out of place. You check your voicemail and e-mail, waiting in vain for something out of the ordinary. You ask around about who wrote the note, and no one 'fesses up. The possibility of a prank at your expense lingers all day.

Try it with a note, e-mail, text message, Twitter feed or whatever medium you'd like. Just play it cool if you see the prank victim in order to not give it away.

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