10 Valentines From Parents to Kids


Dinner Is Served

Getty Images | iStockphoto

If you haven't spoiled your appetite by the end of the day, there's nothing like the fun of eating bright red mashed potatoes, accompanied by some pink apple sauce and pork chops to round out the family holiday fun.

Or get more creative with your menu: Rosy rice, pretty pink pasta, crimson cream soup, terra cotta tilapia, maroon mozzarella, chestnut-colored cheesecake, persimmon pudding, magenta meringues, scarlet scrambled eggs -- the sky's the limit. If your family is into breakfast foods at all hours of the day, heart-shaped pancakes could be a hit. Put a little pink whip cream on top and it's perfect.

Amazing what a little food coloring can do to add a perfectly memorable conclusion to a great Valentine's Day for you and your children, eh?