10 Valentines From Parents to Kids


The Ultimate Valentine

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Kids might want store-bought cards to pass out in class, but moms and dads know that for that special someone, homemade is the only way to go. Making valentines can be a fun activity for families to engage in together. There's really no end to the creativity you can inspire in your children. Here are a few tips to get to the ball rolling:

Paper can be folded like an accordion, cut into the shape of an animal, chopped up to look like a lacy snowflake, shaped like a lily pad with a lollipop, folded to contain some candy treats, or anything else you can think of. Then it's just a matter of stamping, painting, coloring, beading, weaving, glittering, stenciling, finger painting, splattering, stitching and matting your way to a homemade treasure that rivals anything in the card aisle.