Marshall Brain's Father's Day Gift Guide

Little Things can Mean a Lot
A nice pair of sunglasses
A nice pair of sunglasses

How many times has your father heard this: "I wanted to get you something nice, but I spent all of my money on Mother's Day." Even if you are on a budget, you can get your father something that will leave a lasting impression. Here are a dozen ideas:

A really nice flashlight
A nice pocket knife
A Leatherman or multi-tool
Solar lights*
A really good steak
A nice bottle of wine
An unexpected/exotic kind of beer
Tickets to an event he would love
Anything having to do with fishing**
A magazine subscription
A book or an audio book

*I can't explain why, but I think these things are very cool.

**...or golf or whatever your father enjoys doing

In other words, be creative -- have fun buying your father something he will really enjoy!

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