5 Things Your Man Won't Tell You About Valentine's Day

Flowers Break the Bank
Flowers aren't cheap.
Flowers aren't cheap.

If you want to know the cold, hard truth, your man thinks that flowers are a total waste of money. They die after, like, five days. And around Valentine's Day, roses get marked up like crazy! A dozen any other day of the year would cost a guy about $20, but in February, he'll be breaking out more than $50 to foot the bill.

Unless he wants to look like a cheapskate -- which he doesn't -- he'll have to spend a Benjamin or more on a fragrant floral arrangement that'll be tossed out alongside next week's trash.

At least diamonds last forever. But don't get your hopes up: He probably isn't planning to buy you any sparkly rocks, but if he did, you'd still be able to appreciate them (and him) years later. More on that topic next.

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