10 Weird Ingredients People Put in Thanksgiving Dressing

And you thought fried plantains were yummy on their own. Just wait until you've incorporated them into your Thanksgiving stuffing. © Catherine Leblanc/Godong/Corbis

Plantains in Thanksgiving stuffing may sound like a weird ingredient to some, but it really just depends where you're from. Mofongo is a dish made with fried then mashed green plantains, and it's a year-round Puerto Rican staple. And sometimes that staple gets stuffed into a turkey.

First you'll need to make tostones, which are twice-fried, mashed plantains -- they're the primary ingredient [source: Cortina]. With the tostones done, dice up bacon and sauté until crispy; set aside. Crumble the tostones into a large bowl, and add crispy bacon, sofrito (a seasoning base made primarily from yellow onions, bell peppers, ajices dulces and cubanelle peppers, garlic, cilantro and other aromatics) and vegetable oil. Drizzle in chicken broth as you mix, and stir until your mofongo is moist enough to be used as stuffing [sources: US Foods, Saveur]. Season to taste and stuff that bird!