Top 10 Unexpected Valentine Gifts


Where the Magic Happens

Add some romance to your bedroom.
Add some romance to your bedroom.

Have you taken a look at your bedroom lately? How romantic is it? Is it the intimate space you want it to be? Is it really "where the magic happens"? With just a few touches, you could surprise your Valentine this year with one (or all) of the below:

Tidy = Sexy?

Yes! A room with piles of laundry or kids' toys ... Not sexy. Not romantic. And definitely doesn't scream "Happy Valentine's Day". So take an hour this week - organize, clean, sweep and go on to Step 2 ...

Set the Stage

Candles and a little mood lighting can go a long way to making your bedroom a sexy, intimate place. You don't have to go crazy - a few votives or some new lamps with soft, dim lights make for a great start.

Hit the Right Note

A night of romance isn't complete without the right soundtrack. Download a few classic love songs and create an iPod playlist that will have your significant other swooning. (Pssst: You can't go wrong with Marvin Gaye.)

More Than PG-13?

So perhaps you're thinking of something a little sexier to add to the bedside table. Blindfolds are always a fun and inexpensive gift. How about something FREE: handmade "love coupons" to be redeemed by your lover later. Makes you want to keep those candles scattered around full time, now doesn't it?