Top 10 Unexpected Valentine Gifts


The Gift of Stress Reduction

Peace and quiet can be great gifts.
Peace and quiet can be great gifts.

A day at the spa or a one-hour massage is a wonderful gift but not exactly original. And this year, these ideas might not be the most economical, either. Give one of the below instead, which allow for less stress or more free time.

Maid for a Day

Not everyone can afford a house cleaner on a regular basis, but most of us don't like spending evenings or weekends cleaning, either. A one-time deep-clean from a local maid service not only gets your home feeling like new, but also gives you time to go out and enjoy your Saturday afternoon or evening with your Valentine.

Silence $0

"Shhhh. Hear that?" asks Tracey, a new mom from Hamden, Conn. "It's the sound of silence. It's bliss." The usual sound of baby cries and a barking dog are missing from her Saturday this week - the ultimate Valentine from her father and husband.

Free Time Weekend $0

You haven't been able to read the last three issues of The New Yorker. He hasn't played golf in weeks (on the course or his Tiger Woods video game). Your Netflix queue hasn't changed in three months, and you've both spent the last three weekends running errands, cleaning the house and doing yard work. It's time to let it all slide off the calendar for the weekend.