Top 10 Unexpected Valentine Gifts


Be a Playa

Be a Playa
Be a Playa

Maybe you and your lover have been together for a while and need to bring some fun and games back into the mix. Be a kid again or ramp up a little loving competition with one of the ideas listed below.

The Need for Speed

How about booking racing lessons for you and your heart's desire at a race-car driving school? Places like the Skip Barber Racing School have gift certificates starting at under $600 (going up to around $4,000). Or get your honey a gift certificate for time on the tracks at a place like Jeff Gordon Racing School and Mario Andretti Racing School. Valentine's Day 2009 deals start at $99 to be a passenger in a car with a pro racer. More speedy ideas include go-karting, motorcycle racing or bumper car driving.

Bring Your A-Game

Sure, you could hit the local casino with a pocket full of cash, but for those who aren't up to a bit of gambling in this economy, we've got other ideas. "Eat. Drink. Play" is the motto for Dave and Busters, a nationwide chain with everything from video games and Skee Ball to billiards and shuffleboard. A full bar and menu makes this fun for couples or families. (Think of it as Chuck E. Cheese for the "over 8 set.") ESPN Zone has a similar draw, with extra emphasis on sports-watching, too. It's also got simulation golf, boxing and bowling.

Old-School Freebie Competition $0

Step away from the television. Put down the video game controller. Grab your favorite board game - Scrabble, '80s or '90s Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, or Boggle - and make it a stay-at-home game day.