10 Things Your Caterer Doesn't Want You to Know


Salad, the Cheapest of Thrills

The appearance? Priceless. The cost? About $1.

In terms of cooking, a salad is just about the easiest thing a caterer can make. That doesn't mean it should be. While a good, homemade garden-fresh salad is a bit of an ordeal that involves chasing down ingredients and chopping properly, even conscientious caterers aren't necessarily going to hand-pick arugula and dandelion leaves. Most likely, that fresh-looking lofted salad spent the last week sealed in a bucket in a truck en route from Mexico. Just toss in a little feta, some crumbled walnuts, fan some apple slices on the side, and you're making five salads a minute that each cost less than a cup of instant ramen.