10 BFF Girlfriend Valentines


Budget Sports Night

Budget Sports Night
Budget Sports Night

Thinking about a bit of budget-friendly competition on this Valentine's Day? There are plenty of ways to get sporty this year, while spending fewer dollars than usual.

Dave and Busters is a fun place to go if you have one in your area. At this nationwide chain, you can play everything from video games and Skee Ball to billiards and shuffleboard. ESPN Zone has a similar draw, with extra emphasis on sports-watching, too. It's also got simulation golf, boxing and bowling. Both establishments have full bars and plenty of food; plus they offer game cards you can redeem along the way.

Another idea: Hit the gym together. It will help you and your BFF de-stress, bond and feel a whole lot better about chillin' out with a nice big latte later in the evening.

DIY Freebie Alternative:

While romantic couples are going out as a "we," you and your friends stay home and play Wii - (or Rock Band, Guitar Hero or whatever cool games you have).