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BFF Date Night

BFF Date Night
BFF Date Night

Our suggestion for a perfect night out with your best girlfriend: small plates and big drinks over a nice, long evening.

  • Step 1: A few days in advance, make reservations at three restaurants. Start in the late afternoon, before the V-Day date night crowds start rolling in.
  • Step 2: Arrange for cabs to pick you up and drop you off at the destinations of your choice.
  • Step 3: Get dressed up, but not in that tight "little black dress" you reserve for dates - make sure you're comfortable.
  • Step 4: Let your waiter/waitress suggest the restaurant's signature appetizers and best cocktails at each destination. If the appetizers aren't appealing, consider splitting their most popular dish instead.
  • Step 5: End your evening with an apéritif or espresso at a café.

DIY Alternative: Date Night at Home

  • Step 1: Each of you decide on one appetizer or dish. (Hint: Try a recipe from a famous chef's menu.)
  • Step 2: Make the cocktails a surprise - be inventive.
  • Step 3: Plan an activity between your rounds of appetizers (How about watching a recorded episode or two of TLC's What Not to Wear or playing cards?)
  • Step 4: After your second round of appetizers, prep that espresso machine or make an indulgent drink that includes chocolate.
  • Step 5: Still arrange for that taxi cab home if you are drinking, or crash at your BFF's house.