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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting

We can't all make the trek to Napa Valley or Italy for a proper wine tasting, but going to a local event is a great way to get your BFF out on the town. For example, $139 will get you a full day's tour of Boulder Creek Winery in the Denver area; for $99, you can spend "Valentine's in the Vineyard" at Vino 100, Round Rock, Texas. Hundreds more wineries and restaurants with great wine lists are having special events, so check your local paper or call your favorite bistro.

A Tasty DIY Alternative

Hosting a wine tasting is a lot of fun, but can be pricey. Our suggestion: Have friends bring over their favorite vino - (and feel free to ask them to bring a complementing cheese or chocolate if they'd like).

TLC's Wine Guide and HowStuffWorks' "How to Host a Wine Tasting" article will help you to learn to pair wine and educate your BFFs. Use these key resources for advice like, "Work though a meal from lighter, drier wines to heavier, sweeter ones," and you can't go wrong. Or, get a little more down to earth with PlanetGreen.com's wine feature to get hints about which vineyards use organic grapes and how you can reduce your carbon footprint while still uncorking a great (reusable) bottle.

Provide tasting cards so that friends will walk away knowing their new likes and dislikes, and don't forget to have plenty of water and some good bread on hand for in between tastings.