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Go "All-In"

Go "All-In"
Go "All-In"

How often do you and the girls decide to get dressed up and hit the casino for the evening? Quite a few casinos across the U.S. have special deals, just for single women. Example: Mohegan Sun casino in Uncasville, Conn., is offering a "No Boys Allowed" package at $239 a person that includes free martinis, mani-pedis, in-room martini stations and one free $10 bet.

Don't have a casino near you? How about a poker night in your town? Check the local paper to see if the United Way or another nonprofit is having a charity game. Have a great time, spend little cash and know that your dollars are going to benefit someone who needs them!

DIY Alternative: High-Rollin' at Home

No need for casino attire for this do-it-yourself event. All you need are some comfy clothes and the beverages of your choice. (Mysterious shades optional.)

Decide first what kind of games to play. Will it be an evening of Texas Hold'em? Seven-card stud? Will there be first timers in your group who need a primer on the game? Does everyone know the different hands and how to bet? Most importantly... does it really matter? It's just a game, right? And you don't even need to use real cash.

When you get tired of poker, there are plenty of other competitive or leisurely card games to play - or just sit back with a cocktail and watch the pros on television.