10 BFF Girlfriend Valentines


Kiss and Makeup?

Kiss and Makeup?
Kiss and Makeup?

Feb. 14 is a great day to take advantage of free consultations and makeovers. (And don-t forget to ask for free samples along the way.)

Makeup Meccas

Sephora, the makeup and perfume store found in most malls these days, has quite a few Valentine-s Day specials and events going on across the U.S. Artists and representatives from various makeup and skincare companies regularly frequent the store, though, and as long as you-re willing to wait in line for a bit, you can get made up for your night out for $0. Other mall shops like Origins or Aveda will also give makeup consults - just call ahead to make sure your region's shop is included.

Alternatively, go out makeup-free - first stop: the makeup counter at Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Macy-s or your favorite department store. Have an artist doll you up and give you tips on what looks good on you for your skin tone and hair color - all for free. It will only cost you if you decide to buy a product.

DIY Alternative:

Why drop $50 on a foundation or moisturizer that may not look good on you once you venture out into the non-fluorescent world? Instead, invite your girlfriends over for a product trial night. All you need to provide is throw-away eye shadow applicators and plenty of cotton balls and swabs.