10 BFF Girlfriend Valentines

Risqué Day
Risqué Day
Risqué Day

Oh, c'mon. Don't think you haven't thought about it already - hitting the local sex shop for a little Valentine's Day fun? While it's always fun to go with a significant other, it's just as fun to go with a best friend or a group. (Where else are you going to get ideas for your next sexy rendezvous?)

While you're there, try on some sexy leather corsets or other sexy get-ups, just for fun. (Don't forget the platform boots.) Pick up a blindfold, massage oils, feather boa, or a dirty card game for you and your significant other.

Alternative for the Bashful:

We get it: Even if just for fun, sex shops aren't for everyone. Instead, hit your local mall with your BFF girlfriend - the one who will tell you the honest truth about how you look in a certain outfit - and try on some crazy hot get-ups. Hit the "little black dress" section, sexy shoe department and, of course, the lingerie shops. Pick out sexy accessories, too. It's fun to browse, even if you don't buy!

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