10 Best Thanksgiving Movies


'Pieces of April'

Katie Holmes, Sundance Film Festival, 2004
Katie Holmes speaks at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival premiere of 'Pieces Of April' in Park City, Utah. Fred Hayes/WireImage/Getty Images

Long before she wed Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes played the lead in "Pieces of April," a 2003 comedic drama. At the center of it all is Thanksgiving dinner, which April attempts to whip up in her cramped and less-than-clean New York City apartment for a cast of snarky, largely estranged family members. We admit that while her apartment makes us want to grab the nearest disinfectant spray, it offers an interesting backdrop for the action that ensues. Although the movie has an amateur pallor, it makes up for it with quirkiness and an emotionally satisfying conclusion -- and makes the list of our Thanksgiving movie picks.