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Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Funny Pumpkin Patterns

These three happy faces are just right for the younger set or for those adults who like to keep things on the light side. The patterns are hyperlinked PDFs that you can download and print out. The first one -- which we call Traditional Jack -- should be quite familiar.

Traditional Jack, Smilin' John, and Big Tooth Magee funny pumpkin designs.
Traditional Jack, Smilin' John, and
Big Tooth Magee funny pumpkin designs.

Traditional Jack
  1. Carve the nose.

  2. Carve the remaining features. Customize the design by adding or deleting teeth. To simplify, omit the teeth and the irises in the eyes.
Smilin' John
  1. Carve the eyes and nose.

  2. Carve the mouth and chin. Be careful not to make the connection for the tongue too thin.

  3. Carve the eyebrows.
Big Tooth Magee
  1. Carve the eyes and nose.

  2. When carving the teeth, work from the top down. Be careful not to make the connections between the teeth too thin.

  3. Carve the brow.

Looking to cause a fright with your jack-o'-lantern? The next page of this article has patterns for three creepy carvings that are sure to spook anyone.

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