Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without a jack-o'-lantern. Whether you prefer a ghoulish pumpkin design or a goofy one, the pumpkin carving patterns provided in this article make carving the perfect pumpkin easy. Or, you can use these patterns to create your own creepy pumpkin face. We'll cover how to use pumpkin carving patterns and even adjust them to fit the size of your pumpkin.

Designs and Patterns

The design you carve into your jack-o'-lantern can be simple or fancy, but it will be easier if you first work out the design on paper. Use the enlargement guide below to figure out how big to make the pattern.

Trim the excess paper from the pattern. Dry the pumpkin, then position the pattern with masking or painter's tape. Use a pushpin, nail, or ballpoint pen to trace the outline of the pattern by poking small holes through the paper and the pumpkin skin. The closer the holes, the finer the detail you can achieve.

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Trace the outline of the pattern by poking small holes into the pumpkin.
Trace the outline of the pattern by
poking small holes into the pumpkin. See more Halloween candy pictures.

When you have finished poking the holes, remove the pattern and set it aside for reference. To better see the design, rub flour into the holes or use a pen or marker to "connect the dots."

Use a pen to connect the dots when carving a pumpkin.
Use a pen to connect the dots.

Enlargement Guide

Measure the pumpkin's face (where you will place the design), then find the corresponding percentage on the chart below. Key in that percentage when you photocopy the pattern. You may need to adjust the percentage to fit your particular pumpkin.

Pumpkin Size
Enlargement Needed

Now that you know how to size a pattern and transfer it to the pumpkin, let's look at some fun patterns you can use. Funny-face pumpkin patterns, especially popular with kids, are on the next page.

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