Halloween Games

Witch Hunt Game

Kids hunt for wizard ingredients in the witch hunt game.

Unleash your guests on a Halloween scavenger hunt for all the ingredients young wizards need nowadays.

If you're sending kids out into the neighborhood, team up 3 or 4 with an adult. For guests too young to cross the street, hide these ingredients around the house or in the backyard. Challenge them to find, in an hour (half hour for younger seekers):

  • Eye of newt (dried bean)
  • Bat hair (dryer lint)
  • Snake teeth (grains of white rice)
  • Invisible cloak button (clear plastic button)
  • Mouse kidney (kidney bean)
  • Owl feather (colorful craft feather)
  • Dusty corpse (baking soda in small plastic bags)

Reward the winning team with fancy pens or pencils (look for ones topped with a feather or shoots of cellophane) they can use to write down their special spells.For the grand finale, make a big production of dropping each find in a "cauldron" in front of your audience. Hide a small bowl with 2 cups of vinegar inside the cauldron, and toss in all the dusty corpse collected. (It may be wise to have some baking soda -- dusty corpse -- on hand if you don't get much from the kids.) The chemical reaction you'll get from the kids will be totally explosive. As for the chemical reaction in the cauldron, it just safely bubbles and froths.

Now that you've stirred the cauldron, we'll show you how to play other Magical games in the next section.

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