9 Halloween Attractions That Went Too Far


Erebus Haunted Attraction Leads to Leg Fractures

Erebus Haunted Attraction
Erebus Haunted Attraction was sued for being unsafe. WxMom/Used Under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 2.0 License

Sherri Turner got more than she bargained for when she stepped into Pontiac, Michigan's four-story Erebus Haunted Attraction in 2014. Once inside its dark corridors, Turner alleges, a moving wall knocked into her, causing her to slip and fall down. The result? Several severe fractures to her left leg, soft tissue injuries to her back and spine, and various other afflictions [sources: Turk, Young].

Turner sued, alleging unsafe operating conditions in the 100,000-square-foot (9,290-square-meter) haunted house, inadequate floor and aisle lighting, and other unsafe conditions. The lawsuit also alleged the attraction — for five seasons named the world's largest haunted house by the Guinness World Records — caused injuries not only to Turner, but to other customers. Two years later, the lawsuit was settled for $125,000, possibly because Erebus Haunted House didn't require customers to sign a release. Instead, it only printed a disclaimer on the back of each ticket, in addition to warning signs. Owners Jim and Ed Terebus say their haunted attraction, open nearly two decades, is safe [sources: Phillips, Khoury, Young].