9 Halloween Attractions That Went Too Far

Six Flags' Haunted Asylums Switch to Zombies
A zombie clown walks around Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey during Fright Night. Six Flags was another theme park that had to abandon its 'crazy inmate' shtick (and replace it with zombies) after mental health advocates protested. Blake Bolinger/Used Under Creative Commons CC-BY 2.0 License

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company wasn't the only theme park chain that tried to turn mental illness into a Halloween nightmare. For its annual Fright Fest 2016, Six Flags debuted a new haunted house experience that involved thrill-seekers bumbling through the haunted hallways of places such as Dark Oaks Asylum (Six Flags in Vallejo) and PSYCHO-PATH Haunted Asylum (Six Flags New England). As they made their way through the supposedly abandoned asylum's maze of corridors, "maniacal inmates" and "deranged guards" taunted, raved and grabbed at them at every turn.

As with FearVR: 5150, shortly after the asylums' opening, mental health advocacy groups unleashed a torrent of protests against the stigmatization of those with mental illness. Six Flags apologized and revamped its horrifying Halloween attraction to be one involving zombies, not people struggling with mental illness [source: Rogers].